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[community profile] high_seas uses a bimonthly self-check activity system. What this means is that it is YOUR JOB to comment here every other month and provide us with the links that will fulfill your Activity Check requirements!

AC for this round is due by 11:59PM EST (GMT-5) on June 30th.

Here's how it works:

1. New players should make an empty comment with a subject line that says: [YOUR NAME]'S CHARACTERS.

2. Reply to that comment with an additional separate comment for each one of your characters. The subject line should say: CHARACTER NAME | CANON.

3. On the last day of the Activity Check month, reply to your character's comment with your AC requirements. The subject line should say: MONTH YEAR.
(Example: SEPTEMBER 2013)

4. In the body of the comment, use the form below to link to your posts and threads.

5. Do this again every two months in a new comment!


7. Activity Check takes place once every two months and the requirements are as follows:
    1 network post to [community profile] piratejournal
    20 comments that can come from any of the following:
      - Additional posts you make to [community profile] piratejournal
      - Log posts in [community profile] high_seas
      - Threads that take place in posts made by other characters
PLEASE NOTE: Comments made on your one required [community profile] piratejournal post do not count toward your total. Also, your 20 comments must take place in at least TWO threads! And these must be your comments, not the total number of comments in each thread you submit.

8. If you are on hiatus, you can put HIATUS in the body of the comment.

9. You can only be exempt from the Activity Check one time due to being on hiatus! For the next Activity Check you have to meet all requirements or your character will be removed from the game.

10. Activity Check will take place at the end of the following months:


Your comment is due by the last day of the month, HOWEVER...you can comment at any point throughout the AC period if you complete your requirements early, and there is a grace period of three days to get your comment in.

If you have not commented here by 11:59PM EST (GMT-5) on the 3rd day of the month after your AC is due, your character will be removed from the game.

11. New characters coming in at the beginning of the AC period need to fulfill all Activity Check requirements. New characters coming in halfway through the AC period (i.e. apps accepted in February, April, June, etc) are allowed to waive their one [community profile] piratejournal post requirement, however they will still need 20 comments to pass the Activity Check. Since the [community profile] piratejournal post requirement is waived, if a new character does make a post, they are allowed to count any comments made on that post toward their needed 20.

12. The mods are ONLY checking this page! If your comment isn't here and you haven't gotten in touch with a mod to explain why, you're out of luck!

Copy/paste the text box below and change only what is in ALL CAPS! The activity check requirement options you are not using can be deleted before posting your comment.

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